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Road Transportation in Dubai

The city of Dubai has been always a fascinating and alluring tourist spot that is visited by travelers of all the countries. Traveling throughout Dubai is also a matter of comfort. Of the various modes of transportation in Dubai, the road transportation in Dubai is the one that has contributed a lot to the transportation of the country. Transportation within and around the town of Dubai is operated and executed by the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai. This authority is known as the RTA. Road Transportation in Dubai is mainly consisted of the bus system, taxis and cars. The Bus network of the country is under the control of the RTA.

Of the means of Road Transportation in Dubai the means of traveling that provides absolute comfort and frequency to the people is the taxis. Not only in Dubai but in the other sister cities of Dubai in the Emirates, taxi play a major role in transportation. The taxis are operated both by the private owners and the government.
The taxi cabs that are of cream color are under the government of Dubai. The taxis that are controlled by the private companies belong to the cab companies like National Taxi, Cars Taxi, Metro Taxi and cititaxi. The number of taxis in the city of Dubai is around seven thousand and five hundred, which is a quiet large number.

The bus network is supposed to offer travel to thirty million people per week. One hundred and ninety three routes are fixed through which the bus network have to provide their services in the weekdays of every week.
The RTA has declared the introduction of six hundred and twenty buses in the city, finding the inability of the public buses, to accommodate the huge number of travelers opting for the buses every day. Of the large number of buses one hundred and seventy buses will be double decker.

Transportation in Dubai

Road Transportation in Dubai
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Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa Hotel Dubai
Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa, Fujairah, Dubai
Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa Hotel Dubai
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