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History of Dubai

Dubai, the city carrying the magical Arabian charm is a major tourist attraction of the world. Located on the Arabian Peninsula Dubai has a rich history. Knowledge on history of Dubai will give your exploration of Dubai a better edge and a novel dimension. Dubai existed before the Islamic invasion with a rich pre-Islamic civilization. Dubai was an important trading center between the Western and the Eastern worlds. Archaeological excavations of Dubai have dug out remnants of this civilization. The people of pre-Islamic civilization were worshippers of idol. Bajir was their main deity. The chief powers of Dubai were in the hands of the Sassanians and the Byzantine empires. Most of the control was hold by the Sassanians. With the spread of Islam south-east Arabia was invaded by Umayyud Caliph and the Sassanians were driven out from

the region. Umayyud period artifacts have been found in the Al-Juayra region. Dubai is first mentioned in the “Book of Geography” written by Abu Abdullah al-Bakri, a Spanish-Arab expert on geography. Written records are found from after 1799. Al Abu Falasa clan, a lineage of Bani Yas clan found Dubai in the 18th century. Till 1833 Dubai was dependent on Abu Dhabi. The Sheikh of Dubai and sheikhs of other Trucial states in 1820 signed “General Maritime Peace Treaty” with Britain.

In 1833 Maktoum dynasty of Bani Yas clan took over the region of Dubai from the Abu Falasa clan leaving Abu Dhabi. The take over was without resistance. The “Exclusive Agreement” of 1892 made Britain the protector of Dubai from the aggression of Ottoman Turks.
Dubai is located close to India made it important for trade and commerce. Dubai became an important center beckoning foreign trade-people, mainly from India who settled there.Dubai was a prominent pearl industry but the First World War damaged the pearl industry. The Great Depression of 1920s also damaged the industry. Dubai and Abu Dhabi were constantly in dispute regarding the common borders. In 1947 Dubai entered into war with Abu Dhabi. It ceased with the arbitration of Britain and with the formation of a buffer frontier. Formally the hostilities ended in 1979.
In 1950 an airport was established in Dubai. Electricity and telephone services came in 1950 with the move of the local administrative office of the British from Sharjah to Dubai. After the British left in 1971, Dubai and the other six emirates formed the UAE ( United Arab Emirates) in 1971 on 2nd December.

About Dubai

Geography of Dubai
Tourism and Recreation in Dubai
History of Dubai

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